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With over 22 years of experience meeting the needs of our clients, we are experts at finding solutions to almost any problem between the seed to the shelf and beyond.

Value Chain

Farm to delivery order awareness. Priority with world's largest carrier, MAERSK, and global strategic vendors delivers your product on-time.

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Product Development

A network of global kitchens, labs, farms, & processing plants to take ideas from paper to product.

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Food Safety & Quality

An on the ground team of auditors monitoring, enhancing & championing standards from sourcing to delivery.

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IAP – International Agricultural Processing

International Agricultural Processing Pvt Ltd (IAP) is a distinguished grower and exporter of premium Indian vegetables.

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Rick’s Picks

Embark on a pickle-perfect journey with Marcatus QED, where innovation and expertise converge.

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North America Fresh

NA Fresh is our dedicated sourcing program for fresh products originating from Mexico, Canada, and the USA.

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North America Co-pack

Co-Packing Program designed to revolutionize your experience by providing a network of suppliers strategically located across the continent.

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MAZB - A to Z Brand SC management on Global Scale

A global network of supply partners and niche processing factories gives you the variety and volumes you need, year round.

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For Manufacturers


Year round grades and flexibility give you the finely tuned control you can plan around.

Bulk Preserved

Doing science and legwork that results in processing efficiencies for you.

Ingredients & Packaging

Turning gaps in the value chain into new business opportunities.

For Brands, Retailers and Food Service

Custom Finished Products

Bespoke, complete products informed by global trends and niche ingredients for brands, retailers, and food service.

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