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Are you an up-and-coming brand looking to level up your presence in the marketplace?

Embark on a pickle-perfect journey with Marcatus QED, where innovation and expertise converge. Partner with the experts at Marcatus QED for brand incubation and consultation services, as we leverage over 22 years of industry experience – from fields to factories, all the way to supermarket shelves – and ultimately, to your consumer’s fork.

At Marcatus QED, we don’t just consult; we orchestrate success. Whether you’re a budding brand or a seasoned player, our experts tailor solutions to suit your unique needs. Benefit from our intricate knowledge of the industry, honed at every level, and witness your brand presence flourish.

In just five years, we've taken Rick's Picks to space with NASA, propelled it into a top-shelf seller at Whole Foods, improved Shake Shack's burgers with our condiments, collaborated with renowned restauranteur Jean-Georges Vongerichten on limited-edition releases, and won a Sofi Award at the Fancy Food Show for Best New Product (2022).

Our collaboration goes beyond the jar, ensuring that your brand not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Let Marcatus QED be the guiding force that propels your brand to the forefront, establishing a lasting imprint on the palates of pickle enthusiasts everywhere.

Join forces with Rick's Picks and Marcatus QED – where tradition meets innovation, and your brand becomes the next success story in the flavorful world of pickles. It's not just about pickles; it's about cultivating a brand legacy that resonates from field to factory to fork. Drop us a line and let's get started!

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