Canadian Food Security (CFS)

Canada's reliance on imports from increasingly unstable markets is unsustainable.

We are investing in finding more ways to make us more secure for our collective future.

CFS Objective

Our objective is to establish consistent, resourceful access to nutritious food, and our inaugural stride in this direction involves the launch and operation of a container farm in Prince Edward County. Nestled within our Founder and CEO, Murali Sundar's expansive 115-acre farm in Waupoos, this hydroponic container farm marks our pioneering endeavor. This initiative is a division of Marcatus QED and has been given the name Marcatus PEC. Given the county's rich agricultural heritage, we envision it as an integral part of shaping its future and we wanted to honour these roots.

Pilot Initiative

Our pilot initiative, Marcatus PEC, aims to address pressing challenges surrounding food insecurity, disruptions in supply chains, restricted growing seasons, and the impacts of climate change. Notably, statistics from the California Department of Food & Agriculture reveal that a substantial 87% of the state's lettuce exports were directed to Canada. We are determined to reduce our reliance on imported food items by exploring innovative solutions.

Stay tuned for further updates as we sow the seeds in the upcoming year, anticipating a bountiful harvest in the spring!

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