A network of global kitchens, labs, farms, & processing plants to take ideas from paper to product

Capitalize on emerging trends quickly with a team of culinary, food science, sourcing, agriculture, processing, and value chain experts. Our multi-disciplinary team brings aggregate insight from 30+ countries and hands-on experience in the world’s hottest markets.

Open Innovation ( 1+1=3 )

Open innovation partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts. Working together delivers new products and platforms that meet brand goals and tight timelines without squandering resources. Increase speed and scale your expertise by hooking into a global team and network you can trust. Marcatus QED's integrated project team manages your idea from seed to shelf.

Concept consultation

Whether you need to know if your new idea is doable or whether your existing approach can be improved, find out quickly by tapping directly into a team of technical experts and our global network.

Rapid Sample Prototyping

Having the resources at hand to turn ideas into samples people can see, touch, and taste helps you validate, scope, and sell your product efficiently. Begin your development process with extraordinary samples that will help you achieve best-in-class production.

Ag insight

Non-standard varietals? Short order? Unique cultivar? Scramble a team that can assess your unique sourcing challenges and opportunities at the root. Find growers you can grow with.

Open innovation partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts.

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