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Looking for a unique new product to launch onto the market? Need technical expertise to get over a hurdle? Want sourcing options quickly?

ChiliFrom the brine-saving M-Bin Packaging to reimagining production sequences that result in crunchier pickles, developing new ways of doing things is part of our process. Whether you’re a manufacturer or need a co-packing partner, it’s guaranteed that our global team and network can help you get your product where it needs to be.

We have a network of global kitchens, labs, farms, & processing plants to take ideas from paper to product.

Marcatus Innovation Lab – ‘Discover Our Commitment’

From Vision to Reality

We specialize in transforming concepts into tangible, market-ready products. Our adept team collaborates across culinary, food science, sourcing, agriculture, processing, and value chain expertise, pooling insights from over 30 countries.

Embracing Innovation

Partnering with us means leveraging open innovation. We create products and platforms aligned with brand objectives, optimizing both time and resources. Our integrated project team ensures a seamless journey from inception to the market.

Consultative Approach

Wondering about feasibility or enhancements for existing ideas? Gain swift insights from our technical experts and global network, empowering decisions with informed guidance.


Witness your ideas take shape rapidly. Our resources swiftly transform concepts into tangible samples, facilitating validation, scoping, and efficient product presentation.

Agricultural Expertise

Our dedicated team evaluates unique sourcing challenges and opportunities at their core, ensuring a strategic approach to sourcing.

Sensory-Driven Innovation

Experience our dedication to developing ideas and products rooted in sensory analysis

Engage with our Inspiration Generator!

Explore an array of jars, packaging, vegetable combinations, cuts, and more. Let your imagination take flight.

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