Mastering the art of preserving freshness and extending shelf-life to a degree fit for space exploration? Absolutely, we've conquered that frontier.

Discover the difference in pouch materials tailored for your product’s needs.

Our pouches come in various types, each crafted with specific materials like laminated aluminum and transparent polyethylene, catering to diverse packaging requirements.

Specialized Packaging Machine

Our specialized packaging machine, equipped with 'Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)' or inert gases, ensures your product maintains its appearance, texture, and integrity without resorting to additives or stabilizers. This process safeguards the product before closure and minimizes the risk of oxidation upon opening.

Rick's Picks Pouches

Rick’s Picks products boast pouches featuring a robust construction of four layers—aluminum and polyethylene—ensuring superior protection.

Rick’s Picks pouches offer exceptional properties: a shelf life of two years without preservatives, maintaining low brine levels compared to other brands.

Packaging Innovation

Our continual innovation strives for excellence. Our team in India is actively pursuing on-site pouch packaging technology, aiming to eliminate the need to outsource to other countries. This initiative aligns with our goal - to showcase pouch technology as a focus of our business and an innovation that we are investing in, reinforcing our competitiveness in the market.

Explore our pouch-packed products like carrots, cauliflower, and pickled cucumbers, each encapsulating quality, freshness, and innovation.

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