Testing and perfecting new techniques, tools, and technology is in our blood. Patenting makes it official.

Through our extensive experience in the supply chain logistics space and beyond, we notice when there are inefficiencies and ways to improve the process and the tools we use. On a number of occasions, we’ve taken this a step further and we’ve found a solution to these issues. By patenting our technology, we not only safeguard our intellectual achievements but also contribute to the broader landscape of innovation, sharing our advancements with the world while maintaining the integrity of our commitment to excellence. It’s our way of ensuring that the fruits of our labor benefit not just us, but the entire industry we’re passionate about transforming.


Patent issuer: India

Method of packaging preserved vegetable produce (MBIN packing process/method) in bulk packs using large containers with a liner, which involves vacuuming and sealing.


Patent issuer: Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and European Patent Office (EPO)

Provides a vacuum-sealed container suitable for preserving pickled food. The container includes at least one foil wall, pickled food, and brine. The ratio of brine to pickled food by mass is in the range of 1:2.5 to 1:5. The container reduces mess associated with eating pickled foods and improves shelf life.

Vinegar recycling / media re-use

Patent Issuer: India Patent Office

Process for treating spent media from vegetable pickles, which addresses repackaging of acidified vegetables and produces treated spent media. Treated media has enhanced shelf life and desirable properties suitable for re-employment in acidification of vegetables.”

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