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Your external global sourcing department

A global network of supply partners and niche processing factories gives you the variety and volumes you need, year-round.

Global Access

Get the products you want from the regional producers that grow in optimal climatic zones and have production expertise. Take advantage of a global network to source a range of products that meet consumers' increasingly global palettes and demands for healthy, convenient food choices.

Mitigating Climatic Events

Farmers face several weather-based related uncertainties. Our network includes partners using climate-smart agricultural techniques who are growing in multiple regions to ensure uninterrupted supply year-round.

Social Accountability

Buy with confidence through a partner that understands responsible sourcing in multiple cultural contexts. Our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures human rights and environmental stewardship are in line with global standards.

Plan on Transparency

Transparent communications smooth supply lines. On-the-ground teams identify and communicate challenges that help team members and partners address bumps further along in the process.

Empowering Growth

A dedicated sourcing platform designed to empower small businesses on their journey to market success, by streamlining processes and providing invaluable assistance.

Rick’s Picks

Currently, Marcatus proudly collaborates with Rick’s Picks to enhance their sourcing strategies, all geared towards optimizing options and driving increased sales.

Our primary focus is on ensuring Rick’s Picks becomes a profitable venture through meticulous optimization of sourcing and co-packing costs. We prioritize maintaining robust processes for costing sheets and thoroughly validating sourcing and supply chain capabilities before accepting new orders.

We're committed to partnering with you to achieve your business goals and ensure sustainable growth. Let us be your guide as you navigate the market and strive for success.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures human rights and environmental stewardship are inline with global standards.

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