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Looking for a unique new product to launch into the market? Need technical expertise to get over a hurdle? Want sourcing options quickly?

From the brine-saving M-Bin Packaging to reimagining production sequences that result in crunchier pickles, developing new ways of doing things is part of the process. Whether you're a manufacturer or need a co-packing partner, it's a good bet that our global team and network can help you get your product where it needs to be.

Variety is the spice of life

Start imagining the possibilities with our inspiration generator. Scroll through a range of jars, packing, vegetable combinations and cuts and more.

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for manufacturers

for brands, retailers and food service

for manufacturers


Year round grades and flexibility give you the finely tuned control you can plan around.

bulk preserved

Doing science and legwork that results in processing efficiencies for you.

ingredients & packaging

Turning gaps in the value chain into new business opportunities.

for brands, retailers and food service

custom finished products

Bespoke, complete products informed by global trends and niche ingredients for brands, retailers, and food service.

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