Consumer demands are evolving.

Budgets don't make it easy to react quickly. Syncing with divisions in your own company can be a challenge. Finding reliable, consistent, trustworthy partners around the world is daunting. And ensuring compliance in a perpetually evolving regulatory environment demands experts in the field.

Enter Marcatus QED: A global team built to bring tomorrow's food products, value chain solutions, and standards to market today.


Road tested experts at every level of the value chain put the power to act, react, and innovate quickly at your fingertips. Our teams turn unique challenges into often repeatable opportunities.

return on partnership

Partnerships built on trust bridge knowledge gaps in product development, growing, processing, compliance, distribution, and even between disconnected departments. Our investment into understanding our partners' challenges creates perspective, possibilities, and multiple returns.


What if you could deploy a partner familiar with your unique context to every factory you work with to ensure they're meeting your standards? Risk management is knowing when, where, and how deeply your value chain will come back to bite you.

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